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Excellence Award
The Eastern High School Excellence Award is a monthly award given to students who demonstrate outstanding effort, high character, and excellent attendance.
Special thanks to our Excellence Award sponsors:
March and April 2017 Award Winners
(Back Row) Austin Dietreich, Michael Miller, Chris Conley, Austin Caniday, Levi Thornsberry, Logan Montgomery-Conley, Mr. Lance Allen; (Third Row) Mike Meadows, Cody Weaver, Grace Pennington, Chloe Schaefer, Barbara Rowley, Gracie Turner, Jordyn Blake, Nadia Johnson; (Second Row) Elijah Waggoner, Jacob Cruse, Abbigail Overly, Mary Grace Rapp, Abigail Triplett, Spencer Sturgeon, Nellie Parrish, Lindsey Snell; (Front Row) Jennifer Dearth, Cloe Conley, Chloe Fultz, Sydney Keller, Clayton Hambrick Jackolene Moore, Madison Snyder; (Not pictured) Shyann Gillenwater, Destiny Mullins, Matthew Smith, Atlantis Adkins, Hayley Trimble, Jana Stockham, Cassidy Lipp, Griffin Diaz 
February 2017 Award Winners
(Back Row) Mr. Lance Allen, Sebastian Gray, Clayton Hambrick, Drake Myers, Levi Thornsberry, Noah Gray, Bryce Hoover, Jacob Cruse, Seth Williams, Nadia Johnson, Jana Stockham, Jonathan Cantrell, Mr. Robie Day; (Middle Row) Madison Snyder, Evan Leist, Skyler Richards, Mandy Wilson, Shyann Gillenwater, Alicia Underwood, Kaitlin Havens, NoraJo McConnell; (Front Row) Emma Brunner, Emily Dummitt, Shelby Alley, Cloe Conley, Nellie Parrish, Taylor Trimble; (Not pictured) Faith Coel, Audi Hoover, Barbara Rowley
January 2017 Award Winners 
(Back Row ) Mr. Lance Allen, Garrett Tuggle, Hunter Thompson, Jimmy Pennington, Mike Meadows, Chris Conley, Austin Deitriech, Austin Canaday, Jacob Cruse, Oran Logan, Isaac Allmon, Mr. Robie Day; (Front Row) Asialynn Landrum, Grace Pennington, Emma Brunner, Alicia Underwood, Spencer Sturgeon, Brandon Ward, Taylor Francis, Emily Dummitt, Sydney Keller, Breanna Carroll, Brooklyn Exline; (Not pictured) Dylan Born, Hunter Cochenour, Destiny Mullins, Mary Grace Rapp, Derrick Summers
November 2016 Award Winners
(Back Row) Abigail Triplett, Billy Crabtree, Oran Logan, Bryce Hoover, Rendoshaca Green, Jonathan Cantrell, Mary Grace Rapp, Jenna Brunner, Shalyn Champ, Ethan Leist; (Front Row) Mr. Lance Allen, Aaron Alley, Brandon Ward, Grace Pennington, Shyann Gillenwater, Spencer Sturgeon, Autumn Satterfield, Leah Compton, Mariah Cantrell, Lilian Spears, Jana Stockham, Atlantis Atkins, Elijah Waggoner, Mr. Robie Day; (Not pictured) Hannah Blackburn
October 2016 Award Winners
(Back Row) Mr. Robie Day, Austin Dietrich, J.P. Miller, Mike Meadows, Clayton Hambrick, Matthew Robinson, Lindsey Snell, Aaron Alley, Jacob Cruse, Ethan Leist; (Middle Row) Abbigail Overly, Brandon Ward, Olivia Hatfield, Kristiana McDaniels, Taylor Francis, Alexia Swisher, Mandy Wilson, Andrew Cochenour, Grace Pennington, Mr. Lance Allen; (Front Row) Cloe Conley, Emily Dummitt, Morgan Legg, Emma Brunner, Josie Davis, Asialyn Landrum, Cassidie Farmer; (Not pictured) Austin Canaday, Ren Green, Destiny Mullins, Spencer Sturgeon, Abigail Triplett
September 2016 Award Winners
(Standing) Mr. Lance Allen, Hunter Cochenour, Emery Martin, Austin Canaday, Colton Gray, Jacob Cruse, Parker Clemmons, Owen Strong, Shyann Gillenwater, Billy Crabtree, Cloe Conley, Jacob Bolen, Bailey Strong, Isaac Allmon, Andrew Cochenour, Brooklyn Exline, Grace Pennington, Jimmy Pennington, Mr. Robie Day; (Seated) Grace Turner, Emma Brunner, Autumn Satterfield, Lilian Spears, Abbigail Overly, Kayla Sigworth, Mandy Wilson, Alicia Underwood, Barbara Rowley, Jana Stockham; (Not pictured) Jonathan Cantrell, Leah Compton, Ryen Moore 
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