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Early Dismissal

We take this time to apologize but due to major electrical issues at the school we will be dismissing students at 10am. Students have been served breakfast and once again we are sorry for the inconvenience. If no one is home students will be returned to the school and be supervised until pick up is avaliable.

   1170 Tile Mill Road | Beaver, OH          740-226-1544
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Staff Directory

High School Staff

Christine Adkins
Adkins, Christine
Media Specialist
Suzy Adkins
Adkins, Suzy
High School Business Teacher
Emily Anderson
Anderson, Emily
Middle/High School Vocational Agriculture Teacher
Heath Blackburn
Blackburn, Heath
Middle/High School Art Teacher
Cindy Brunner
Brunner, Cindy
Erin Clark
Clark, Erin
Educational Aide
Aaron Crabtree
Crabtree, Aaron
High School Intervention Specialist
Brandi Davis
Davis, Brandi
Chris Day
Day, Chris
High School Social Studies Teacher
Rhyanna Day
Day, Rhyanna
High School Math Teacher
Rob Day
Day, Rob
Athletic Director
Office: 740-226-1544 x 11046
Robie Day
Day, Robie
Middle/High School Principal
Office: 740-226-1544 x 11016
Tiffany Diddle
Diddle, Tiffany
School Psychologist
Jenny Dummitt
Dummitt, Jenny
VLA Aide
Fout, Marilyn
Middle/High School ALC
Stacy Garrison
Garrison, Stacy
High School English/Language Arts Teacher
Travis Hale
Hale, Travis
High School P.E./Health Teacher
Taylor Hardy
Hardy, Taylor
Band Instructor Grades 5-12
Sara Hatfield
Hatfield, Sara
Craig Havens
Havens, Craig
High School Social Studies Teacher
Ralph Jonas
Jonas, Ralph
High School Math Teacher
Terry Keeton
Keeton, Terry
Technology Coordinator
Office: 740-226-4851 x 11032
Mr. Gary Lee
Lee, Mr. Gary
Maintenance Technician
Bill Legg
Legg, Bill
High School Science Teacher
Megan McKee
McKee, Megan
Vocal Music/Chorus Teacher
Amy Montgomery
Montgomery, Amy
High School Science Teacher
America Myers
Myers, America
Middle/High School Secretary
Jennifer Oakley
Oakley, Jennifer
Speech Language Pathologist
Office: 740-226-6402 x 11041
Osborne, Jennilynn
High School Intervention Specialist
Kathy Osborne
Osborne, Kathy
Middle/High School Counselor
Office: 740-226-1544 x 11038
Janet Pennington
Pennington, Janet
High School Science Teacher
Carley Potter
Potter, Carley
High School Math Teacher
Hazel Rader
Rader, Hazel
Autumn Risner
Risner, Autumn
School Nurse
Larry Satterfield
Satterfield, Larry
Bryanne Shilling
Shilling, Bryanne
High School English/Language Arts Teacher
Greg Slone
Slone, Greg
Middle/High School AIR Tutor
Grant Stephan
Stephan, Grant
Dean of Students
Office: 740-226-1544 x 11013
Shirley Walter
Walter, Shirley
High School Foreign Language Teacher
Nolan Yates
Yates, Nolan
Young, Jennifer
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