Eastern High School

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Eastern High School

Principal's Message


It is my honor to be the principal for Eastern Middle and High School. I am so thankful to work with such wonderful students and staff who truly help to make our schools a special place. In the past, I have also served as the Dean of Students and Athletic Director here at Eastern, and have been overwhelmingly pleased with the people in the entire district who have an earnest love for this school.

My background prior to coming to Eastern has always been in education. I was a high school and middle school English and Social Studies teacher for several years in which I developed a genuine desire to help students achieve their full potential and strive to see each one become successful. I want to carry these expectations on to my current assignment, and see Eastern continually improve. 

I believe that it takes the effort of everyone in our district, and our community as well, to work as a team to help our students. Safety and academics come first, and I want to improve upon the groundwork that has been laid through the time-honored traditions established in this school system. We must diligently raise the bar to best prepare our students for the twenty-first century. Promoting life-long learning, a strong work ethic, and character development, is essential to the “total package” which should embody the characteristics of an Eastern Eagle. 

Here at Eastern, we offer many extra-curricular activities in which students can participate. A well-rounded individual who has a strong educational background is highly desirable to universities and employers after graduation. Extra-curricular activities can help foster traits such as leadership, determination, commitment, and responsibility. I highly encourage every student to become involved in our schools in some facet to help nurture these desirable qualities for all.

Although we are a growing district, the staff at Eastern is caring and compassionate for each student. Building positive relationships, establishing integrity, and cultivating self-worth are a high priority for the staff in regards to the entire student body. Please help us to continue to make Eastern a great place to learn and grow for generations to come. 

We are interested in hearing from you! We want to extend an open-door policy to all students, and community members to help us make Eastern the best that it can be. Parents, please contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns. If I can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to call or email me at: 

(740) 226-1544 Ext. 11016


Lance Allen
Go Eagles!


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