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Middle/High School Curriculum

Middle School Curriculum

Grades 6-8 consist of a four-person teacher team at each grade level, structuring the school day around the core subjects of math, language arts, science, and social studies. Math and language arts are each taught in a 90-minute block and a third block is devoted to science and social studies. Special area classes for 6th graders include technology (Google applications), art, music, health and physical education, and band. Special area subjects for 7th grade include technology (coding), art, music, band, and health/physical education. 8th grade special area subjects include technology (keyboarding and computer applications), band, health/physical education, and vocational agriculture.

High School Course Offerings

Eastern High School utilizes a nine-period schedule and provides a curriculum selection that puts our students on a pathway to graduation, meeting state standards and local board requirements and expectations. In recent years, options have increased to include the following courses in each subject area:
Language Arts – English I, II, III, and IV, AP English*, and Creative Writing/Contemporary Literature
Mathematics – Algebra I and II, Geometry, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Dual Credit Algebra & Trigonometry**, Dual Credit Statistics**, Dual Credit Calculus**, and Applied Math
Science – Biology I, Chemistry, Physical Science, Physics, Anatomy, Earth Science, Integrated Science, AP Biology*, Zoology, and Conservation Science.
Social Studies – American History, Government, Psychology, World History, World Geography, Economics, Current Events, AP U.S. History*, AP Government*, and AP Psychology*
Physical & Health Education – Health, Physical Education (P.E.), and Advanced P.E.
Visual Arts – Art I, II, III, and IV, Yearbook, and Digital Photography
Business & Technology – Coding I, Coding II, Web Design, Personal Finance, and Digital Photography
Music Education – Marching and Concert Band and General Music/Chorus
Foreign Language – American Sign Language I, II, III, and IV
Vocational Education – Vocational Agriculture, Animal & Plant Science, Forestry/Woodland Ecosystems, and Greenhouse & Nursery.
Additionally, students can choose a variety of elective courses offered in an online format.

* Advanced Placement (AP) courses offer college credit to students who pass an AP exam at the end of the school year.
** Dual Credit (DC) courses offer college credit to qualifying students.
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